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Shipping Colombia to Panama
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Shipping Across the Darien Gap Colombia to Panama

The biggest challenge for many travellers is their first shipping experience across the Darien Gap, shipping to and from Colombia to Panama . You can be assured with us, the process will be stress free, simple and plain sailing. We have been shipping on travellers on this route for over a decade!

You have several different options for getting your car, 4×4, Motorcycle, truck or motorhome across the Darien Gap:

  • RORO Shipping (All Vehicle Types)
  • Container Shipping (Limited to 2.597m door opening for a 40ft HC Container)
  • Flat Rack
  • Private Sail Boat (Motorcycles only)


Shipping Routes Colombia to Panama

The main shipping route is between ports on the Caribbean side of Colombia, from Cartagena to Manzanillo.


RORO Shipping from Colombia to Panama

RORO is the best and cheapest option for oversized vehicles that cannot fit into a container. The alternative is to go flat rack. For smaller vehicles the cost of RORO and sharing a container is comparable.

RORO shipping is less complicated than Container shipping as there is no requirement to stuff and truck the container to and from the port.

RORO Security

However, RORO does pose a greater security risk, as employees of the shipping line will have access to your vehicle. Most travellers nowadays ensure that their vehicle is secured in such a way that the rear portion is not accessible in any way, many do this by creating an internal barrier and ensuring any doors cannot be opened.

Carriers, Routes and Costs

There are several RORO carriers that go from Cartagena Colombia to Manzanillo, Panama. The prices between each of these carriers Is not significant.

Transit times I usually 1 to 2 days.

Services we offer

We offer an all inclusive stress free service which includes customs clearance and agents on the ground in both Colombia and Panama

If you are looking for stress and hassle free shipping from Colombia to Panama, we are the premier shipping agents to use to cross the Darien Gap.

Our pricing on this route is very competitive, and probably the cheapest you will find.

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Other options

You can also ship From Cartagena Colombia to Veracruz Mexico & Galveston Tx, Brunswick, Port Everglades and other East Coast ports in USA.

Please see the following pages:


RORO Schedules Colombia to Panama

Read more about our Roll on Roll off service (RORO) or request a shipping quote.

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RORO Shipping rates from Cartagena Colombia to Manzanillo Panama

Size Vehicle Rate BL THC Pan THC Col
Motorbikes $700 $75 $150 $140
Sedan $750 $75 $150 $140
Other Vehicles $50 per cbm $75 $150 $140


*Minimum Freight / BL charge of $750
*Motorhomes with Gas IMO Cert $150
*Rates do not include port fees, BAF, LSL,or Booking & Doc Fees, or an agent for customs clearance.

*All RORO shippers state that they do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects or spare parts.


Motorbikes do not need to be crated on this route, however, a minimum BL fee applies which means for a single bike you are looking at close to $1000 inc port fees etc.

Read more about our Roll on Roll off service (RORO) or request a shipping quote.

Container Shipping from Colombia to Panama

Container shipping from Container Colombia to Manzanillo Panama is the most secure method, provided you are present during the loading, sealing and unloading of the container.  Our local agents will be present with you whilst your vehicle is been loaded into the container in Cartagena.

You have the option to ship in 20ft containers or 40ft High Cube (HC) containers. In a 20ft container you would normally only be able to fit one vehicle, 40ft HC you can fit 2 vehicles, or one vehicle and a number of motorbikes.

The cost of a single container for one vehicle surpasses the costs of RORO shipping, however, if sharing a container, the costs become comparable.

Container Dimensions
20ft – L5.9m W2.34 Door Height 2.27m (Useable L5.4m, W2.2)
40ft HC – L12.03m W2.34 Door Height 2.58m (Useable L11.25m, W2.2)

Estimated Costs (Just an example)

Container type                 Shared  20ft       40ft      
Export                                $1,500  $1,910     $2,850
Import                                 $650     $950     $1,150

*Shared container, pricing is based on 1 x vehicle sharing a 40ft, 20ft pricing is based on 1 x vehicle, 40ft pricing is based on 2 x vehicle, additional bikes or vehicles are an additional cost

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Other Resources

If you are planning to travel independently in South America this Facebook Group is a valuable resource for information, road conditions, border crossings and much more Overlanding South & Central America.

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Car & Vehicle Shipping Services

Container Vehicle Shipping

Container Vehicle Shipping Services from port to port. We offer FCL and shared container services. View our example container rates for cars, 4x4's and motorcycles here.

Roll on Roll Off (RORO)

Roll on Roll off vehicle shipping services normally offers more economical shipping than container shipping. View example RORO shipping rates for Cars, 4x4's, Motorhomes & Trucks. RORO Shipping ports

Vehicle Customs Clearance

We can provide customs clearing services directly in the UK and work with trusted agents in other regions to clear your vehicle.

Why ship with us?


Competitive Pricing

We offer fair and reasonable pricing for our services and negotiate rates with our partners to provide you the best possible price.

If you already have a quotation, we will do our best to match or beat any valid quotation.


Unrivaled Expertise

We have the knowledge, information and the contacts to ensure your vehicle safely reaches its destination. We can advise on permanent & temporary Import requirements, Carnet Requirements, Local laws and customs, Insurance providers and Local agents & partners.


Personal Service

We specialise in shipping vehicles, whether for touring purposes, expeditions or for business.

Every shipment is treated equally no matter the size.


Trusted Agents

We only use known / trusted agents to clear your vehicle. This helps avoid unexpected costs and complications.



We believe communication is of the utmost importance. During the shipping process we will keep you informed every step of the way.


We understand your needs

We have shipped our own vehicle to many places around the world, and fully understand your needs and requirements as a customer.

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