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Ship your Car, Motorhome, Campervan or Truck to South America


Vehicle shipping to South America (Zarate, Argentina | Montevideo, Uruguay | Cartagena, Colombia) 

We specialise in shipping cars, 4x4’s, Motorhomes, Campervans & Camping trucks to and from South America and South Africa. We offer shipping services on fast, frequent Roll on Roll off (RORO) and container vessels to major South American ports including Zarate, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Cartagena, Colombia & Manzanillo Panama.

Temporary Import Requirements – South America

For South America, a carnet is not required for tourism purposes. You may enter all countries with a TIP (temporary import permit). The length of stay varies from country to country.

Shipping Rates

Example Container shipping rates from South Africa (Cape Town & Durban) to South America

Container shipping prices vary but start from $1200 for a 20ft container and $1400 for a 40ft container, excluding stuffing and local charges.

The prices below for export costs include outgoing sea freight, ports fees, stuffing and trucking. Import costs are paid direct and show as an indication only.

Country Port Size No. Vehicles Export costs Estimated import costs
Colombia Cartagena 20ft                       1  € 1,720 $500-$800
Colombia Cartagena 40ft HC                       2  € 2,780 $720-$900
Uruguay Montevideo 20ft                       1  € 1,660 $1750-$2250
Uruguay Montevideo 40ft HC                       2  € 2,480 $2500-$3500

*Prices vary by departure port

RORO Shipping Rate from South Africa to South America

Shipping from South Africa (Durban) to Montevideo – Uruguay  & Zárate Argentina 

Route Options

There are two routes which go from South Africa ports to South America.

Example Rates (rates from)

Carrier 1 $75 per cubic metre

Carrier 2 $80 per cubic metre

*Special rates apply for units under certain heights

Local port costs and clearing charges are generally high in the region, expect costs in Zarate or Montevideo to be between $600 & $1200 or more depending on the method of transport and the size of the vehicle.

Port fees and customs charges in Montevideo are broken down as follows (estimates) :

Costs charged by Carriers agent (Grimaldi)

  • Landing Order & BL fee $326
  • Port Fees by weight to 3000kg $350, 3000kg-7000kg $450, 7000kg + $650

*Costs are set by the carriers agents, other carriers agents may charge different amounts.

Customs Fees Montevideo

Are charged by the weight and value declared, expect fees from $150 – $1,000 or more.

*We recommend arriving in the country early to complete as much of the import process as possible in advance, and to retrieve your vehicle whilst the vessel is discharging, this can save on storage costs. If the vessel discharges on a Friday, its likely the vehicle will need to stay at the port until the Monday. Note different Carriers have different fees payable locally.

Motor Vehicle Insurance 

We help provide vehicle insurance for foreign vehicles, cars, 4x4, Motorhomes or Trucks for travel and touring in South America.

Typically we offer Mercosur insurance which covers Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, on a third party liability basis.

To apply for Mercosur Insurance we would require the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Period you need to be covered (dates)
  • Vehicle information: brand, model, year, chassis number, Engine number, registration number.
  • Photos of the vehicle (one must include the licence plate)

Specialist insurers can provide additional coverage – (contact us for more details)

Once outside of Mercosur countries, insurance can normally be purchased on the borders of each country.

Insurance cover can be arranged for a period of 3 -12 months.

For more information, contact us or see our Motor Insurance – For foreign Vehicles page


Travel Insurance

We would strongly recommend a Travel insurance policy for travel in South America. Read more about South America Travel Insurance.



We recommend booking South America bound services 2-3 months before departure due to the high volume of cargo on this route. To obtain a quote please complete our online quotation form.

The absolute minimum amount of time to bookings on this route is three weeks in advance of the vessel arriving in port, generally most ships depart full, and are normally full month in advance, so please book early!

For booking to ship as passenger on the ship we recommend booking up to 6 months beforehand due to the limited spaces available.

Recommended Reading / Information

The Overlanding South & Central America facebook group is the best resource for travellers with their vehicles, providing information on routes, campsites, visas, border crossings and much more. Join today and meet other travellers.


Port Connections to and from South America

Vehicle Shipping Services

Container Vehicle Shipping

Container Vehicle Shipping Services from port to port. We offer FCL and shared container services. View our example container rates  for cars, 4x4's and motorcycles here.

Roll on Roll Off (RORO)

Roll on Roll off vehicle shipping services normally offer a more economical shipping than container shipping. View example RORO shipping rates for Cars, 4x4's, Motorhomes & Trucks. RORO Shipping ports

Vehicle Customs Clearance

We can provide customs clearing services directly in the UK and work with trusted agents in other regions to clear your vehicle.

Why ship with us?


Competitive Pricing

We offer fair and reasonable pricing for our services and negotiate rates with our partners to provide you the best possible price.

If you already have a quotation, we will do our best to match or beat any valid quotation.


Unrivaled Expertise

We have the knowledge, information and the contacts to ensure your vehicle safely reaches its destination. We can advise on permanent & temporary Import requirements, Carnet Requirements, Local laws and customs, Insurance providers and Local agents & partners.


Personal Service

We specialise in shipping vehicles, whether for touring purposes, expeditions or for business.

Every shipment is treated equally no matter the size.


Trusted Agents

We only use known / trusted agents to clear your vehicle. This helps avoid unexpected costs and complications.



We believe communication is of the utmost importance. During the shipping process we will keep you informed every step of the way.


We understand your needs

We have shipped our own vehicle to many places around the world, and fully understand your needs and requirements as a customer.

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